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Do You Use Colloidal Silver for Pets?

Colloidal silver for pets has become a popular alternative treatment for many health concerns. In fact, colloidal silver provides antibacterial and immune system support for pets and people alike.

If you currently use colloidal silver for your pet, you will be thrilled to learn of the latest silver technology. A patented revolutionary product— Guardian Silver Sol—provides even greater antimicrobial effectiveness at lower concentrations1. Simply put, it is more effective, non-toxic and safer than any colloidal silver product on the market.

If you are new to Guardian Silver, you may want to check out the differences between Guardian Silver Sol and colloidal silver here.

Uses of Guardian Silver Sol / Dosage for Pets

The antimicrobial properties of Guardian Silver can provide protection in so many ways for your pet, given the right dose and application: (many similar to the ways you have used colloidal silver for pets)

  • Spray Guardian Silver Sol in your pet’s bedding and let it dry.
  • A capful of Guardian Silver in your pet’s drinking bowl is a natural remedy for diarrhea or bad breath, or can simply help enhance his or her immune system.
  • A couple of drops of silver sol can help treat eye/ear infections (place directly in eye or ear).
  • Do you store opened cans of pet food in the refrigerator? Spray the lid with Guardian Silver.
  • Spray this versatile silver sol on cuts, wounds or eczema. Guardian Silver doesn’t sting or burn when applied and dries quickly. It also helps reduce inflammation and helps wounds heal quicker.

For more information on Guardian Silver Sol, check out these free educational videos.

Guardian Silver Sol

While colloidal silver for pets has served its purpose, the time has come for new technology and improved health for your family friends. Order silver sol now by clicking here.

  • 1The New Silver Solution, Kenneth S. Friedman, Ph.D., p. 16,17

Colloidal silver is old news. Why not learn more about silver sol?